The Seamark Legacy Group at Morgan Stanley-Simi Phull

The Seamark Legacy Group at Morgan Stanley-Simi Phull


Wealth Management


We build life-long relationships with multi-generational families and business owners by guiding them through the complexities of major life events using comprehensive wealth planning strategies, intergenerational wealth management and active portfolio management.

Like the sea mark does for a mariner at sea, we have a well-defined process to guide our clients through life’s transitions. We view every transition as an opportunity to go deeper in solving for the complexities of the financial issues associated with the next phase. We deeply understand the importance of balancing asset protection and the transfer of our clients’ values all while building deep relationships and creating unforgettable client experiences. We bring unique insights on bridging the importance of educating the younger generation while understanding the core values of the older generation in order to leave a meaningful legacy.

For more information please call:  Simi Phull directly at (949) 392-2186


Simi Phull
Financial Advisor/Sr VP

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