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Name: Katerina Kurteeva > Position: Medical Director, Eye Surgeon Company name: California Eye California Eye Associates has been founded by Dr. Stephen Johnson in 1987. Dr. Johnson spearheaded the growth of personalized boutique eye care and grew the practice till he retired in 2020. Generations of Newport Beach residents have been coming to our office and know it well. It is very much 'word of mouth' type of place. In 2021 Dr. Kurteeva took over the practice and rebranded it for 21st century. We now are fully electronic with medical records and prescription for glasses and contact lenses available on the same day. We integrate digital platforms and videos to educate our patients about newest surgical procedures. We also expanded into aesthetics by offering eyelid lifts and rejuvenation as well as Botox. Our expertise is laser assisted cataract surgery with premium lifestyle intraocular lenses. Since 2005, FDA has approved astigmatism correcting intraocular lenses as well as presbyopia ( inability to read past age 45) correcting intraocular lenses. Dr. Kurteeva has been an early adopter of this technology and implanted the premium lifestyle lenses for close to 20 years to deliver sharpest vision and glasses free lifestyle. Laser assisted surgery came on board in early 2010s. It allows blade free cataract surgery with safest amount of energy delivered to the eye to evacuate the cataract while leaving the tissue unharmed. Femtosecond laser means that the laser is ultra fast, i.e. Femto is one quadrillions of a second! It can create an entry tunnel, fix astigmatism, divide the most dense cataract into fragment pattern selected by the surgeon in under 60 seconds! The laser first takes custom measurements of one's eye and then creates the most precise and safe treatment plan. The whole laser assisted part takes 2 minutes. A skilled cataract surgeon, Dr. Kurteeva follows with high frequency ultrasounds to remove the cataract fragments and place the intraocular lens implants that was selected previously to suit patient's lifestyle.


Dr. Katerina Kurteeva
Founder/Medical Director/Opthamologist

Ms. Jacqueline Velazquez

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